10 Tips for Creating your own Voice of the Customer Programme

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Going Beyond Surveys, Tweets, Complaints and Big Data

Companies that actively listen to customers and act upon the feedback are better able to obtain and retain their customers, strengthen customer loyalty and improve profitability.

Despite the tremendous benefits that Voice of the Customer brings to the table, most organisations still struggle to get the full value from their VoC programmes.

Join this webinar to understand what VoC can do for your company and how you can build your own programme with 10 easy tips.

During this webinar you will learn

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  • What is Voice of the Customer?
  • How can you benefit from it?
  • How do you measure your users’ and customers’ feedback in a continuous way?
  • How do you make use of the data?
  • How do advanced VoC studies work?
  • 10 Tips: How to create your own VoC programme.

Meet our Speaker

Stefano Serafinelli

UX Lead, UserZoom

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